Medical Reserve Corps
Fayette County Health District
317 S. Fayette Street
Washington C.H., OH 43160
General Phone: 740-335-5910
Environmental Health: 740-333-3590
WIC: 740-333-3552
Help Me Grow: 740-335-5111
General Fax: 740-333-3528
24/7 Phone: 740-505-1936
Contact Information

Ethan Johnson, MRC Coordinator
The mission of the Fayette County Medical Reserve Corp is to assist local response efforts during a public health emergency or large-scale event. Through a coordinated Volunteer Reception Center, health professionals (licensed and non-licensed) and community volunteers will come together to assist the Fayette County Health Department with various assigned tasks. Together we can all make a difference!

Who is eligible to join MRC?

The Medical Reserve Corps is compromised of local health professionals (licensed and non-licensed) and community volunteers who are able to assist their community during the time of a public health emergency. MRC volunteers may be asked to assist in various capacities, including community education and at mass dispensing clinics and shelters, depending on the need.

How can I join the Fayette County MRC?

Visit the Ohio Responds website and click on the link to "Register as a Volunteer on the Volunteer Registry." Follow the directions given. Complete local on-line training requirements found on the Volunteer Training page on this site.

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