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Help Me Grow / C.O.R.E. (Children Offered Resources Early)
Help Me Grow Home Visiting:

The Home Visiting program provides expectant or new parents with the information, support and encouragement they need through a voluntary, high-quality home visiting service. .

By supporting the positive interaction with children in stable and stimulating environments, the Home Visiting program seeks to create a sturdy foundation for future achievement. Ultimately, this approach is essential to the educational and economic success of Ohio’s children and families.

The Help Me Grow Home Visiting program has four central goals:

1. Increase healthy pregnancies;
2. Improve parenting confidence and competence;
3. Increase family connectedness to community and social supports;
4. Improve child health, development, and readiness.

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8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Monday - Friday

Contact Information
Phone: 740-335-5111

Fax: 740-335-8519
Sharon Gibbs, BA
Contract Manager / Supervisor

Home Visitors:
Elizabeth Deis, BS
Jackie Lewis, MA, Sp. Ed
Shawna Chace, BA
Sara Randolph, M Ed
Beth King, MS, Ed

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FCHD Help Me Grow program accredited for quality service
Washington Court House, OH - Prevent Child Abuse America (PCA America) announced today that the Healthy Families America (HFA) affiliate, Fayette County Health District / Help Me Grow, has been accredited as a provider of high quality home visiting services to families who want to improve their child's health, nutrition and developmental outcomes.

HFA is a signature program of PCA America that has been providing home visiting services for more than 20 years. Expectant and new parents have common questions about their child's development. HFA connects with families through community partners like hospitals and pediatricians to find the answers to their questions, meeting within the familiarity and convenience of the family's own home. HFA is an accessible, voluntary and well received service.

"The American Dream starts with a happy, healthy childhood," said Dan Duffy, President and CEO of PCA America. "As parents, we all have questions from time to time. Our HFA professionals offer evidence-based best practices to provide answers to questions, individualized support when needed most, and linkages to community services. As we congratulate Fayette County Health District / Help Me Grow, we also recognize the state and community leadership that has contributed to success in Fayette County."

The accreditation process is based upon a stringent set of 12 critical elements grounded in more than 30 years of research. The process involves an in-depth examination of the site's operation, as well as, the quality of the visits made by HFA home visitors.

"We commend the Fayette County Health District / Help Me Grow program for opening itself up to such an intensive review process," said Cydney Wessel, National Director of Healthy Families America. "We believe that all families and all communities deserve access to quality home visiting services."

Help Me Grow Home Visiting