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Fayette Fat Fighters
The Fat Fighters program is an individual weight loss and fitness program that encourages participants to eat in a healthy manner and engage in exercise that is approved by their health care providers and suitable for them personally.

We know that in order to successfully lose and keep weight off, it is necessary to find what works for the given individual. Each of us is an individual with individual needs and different things work for different people. We know that portion control and exercise are the two essential ingredients for success but each person may have a different way of getting there. This program is meant to be helpful, encouraging and motivational. If a person has health or nutrition problems that need to be addressed, it is very important for them to contact their health care providers or other professional for advice.

Fat Fighters meet every Monday evening at 5:30 p.m. after weigh-ins which take place starting at 5 p.m. The motivational talk starts at 5:30 and ends at 6 p.m. We do not hold meetings on legal holidays. If we are closed due to inclement weather, this will be aired on WCHO radio. We discourage participants from coming out in general when it might be a hazard for them to try to get here even when we haven't officially closed.

If you have any questions or would like to join the Fat Fighters, please call the health department at 335-5910.


Rolling Rimples
The Rolling Rimples is sponsored by the Fayette County Health Department. It was established in 2007 as the brainchild of Karmel Payton. The name for the group was created by Dal Craig-Crawford. It is a free four month weight loss and fitness program that involves teams of 4 or 5 people from agencies and businesses in the immediate Washington C.H. area. Some places have more than one team.

On a given date at the end of each of the four month periods, FCPH staff
go to each of the participant sites, weigh the individuals, and each receives an original letter from Jeannie and a piece of fruit along with encouragement to keep up their good health attaining and maintaining practices.

Some people are in it for the accountability and companionship while others are serious about winning the prizes. At the end of each program when the final weigh-ins have been done, a first, second and third place individual winner is named along with the top winning team. For the individuals, first place is a $100 gift card; second place is a $50 gift card and the third place winner receives a $25 gift card. Each of the winning team members gets a $50 gift card.


Call 335-5910 for class times or more information.

Contact Information
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Janessa Williamson, R.N.
Health Educator
Breastfeeding and Baby Care Classes
Breastfeeding and baby care classes are available upon request. Breastfeeding topics covered include positioning, how to tell if baby is getting enough milk, pumping, and etc. Baby care topics include the first couple of weeks at home, bathing a baby, how to calm a baby, when to call the doctor and feeding your baby. If anyone is interested, please call Janessa at the Health Department, 740-335-5910.

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Are you 11 to 13 years of age and interested in making money by babysitting? The Health Department is starting a course designed to teach young adolescents the skills needed for babysitting or taking care of younger siblings! It is a one day training at the Health Department, cost is $45.00 and scholarships may be available.

The students learn:

1. Safety Skills -whether you are home alone watching younger siblings or babysitting, it is important that you know how to stay safe.

2. Child Care Skills - When you babysit, you are the substitute parent. Different ages require you to do different tasks.

3. First Aid and Rescue Skills - Injuries are the leading cause of death in Children up to age 5, but children of every age need protection.

4. Life and Business Skills - Success on the job depends on three things: being prepared, being responsible, and being considerate.

If you are interested please call the Health Department to sign up by calling 740-335-5910.

Safe Sitter Classes